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Happy National Coffee Day!

There are few things that we here in the Adam Brown Social Media Command Center enjoy more than caffeine. Our software may be powered by Salesforce, but we’re powered by coffee.

It’s only fitting, then, that we celebrate National Coffee Day with the rest of the Internet.

We don’t want to minimize the significance of this graphic. Yes, 91.5% of users are currently saying positive things about National Coffee Day. There are very few things that the Internet can agree on these days, but it certainly seems like coffee may be one of them.

What’s even more impressive? By 9:00am, there were more than 56,000 posts about National Coffee Day. I think we can all agree that without our caffeine, no one would be that productive on a Friday morning.

So here’s to you, coffee. We – along with most of the Internet – lift our mugs to you.