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The Third Saturday in October

Post written by Cassandra Huang

Although the Vols lost to Alabama on Saturday, we are still very proud of our players!

Social Studio shows us what people were saying about the game. As you can see in the sentiment trend on gameday and the day after, there were two peaks of the social volume on Twitter. The first peak was around 4 p.m., when the game started.

The second peak came at 2 p.m. on Sunday, when the top 25 teams in the country were announced, and Alabama was named the top team in the poll.

On Monday, Tennessee Head Coach Jeremy Pruitt held a press conference evaluating the game with Alabama. However, it seems most people on Twitter talked about him mostly after the game. General speaking, most people held a positive attitude toward the coach.

Social studio can help us to measure the words that have been mentioned on Twitter about a topic. We entered “Jeremy Pruitt” as the keyword to create a social listening summary.

Even if you don’t know what his speech was, you can still easily figure out what people say the most about him. As you can see in the last figure, the word “promise” and “recruit” stand out, so we can click on these words to see the detail posts that contain these words.