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Early Voting in TN

Posted by Leah Cannon

Election Day in the US is November 6, but why wait that long? Some states offer early voting; here in Tennessee early voting started October 17 and goes through November 1.

Midterm elections are a pivotal time when parties hope to maintain or shift majorities on both the Federal and local level. Thirty-five Senate seats are up for re-election or special election and all House of Representative seats are contested. Additionally, 36 states are electing Governors.

The Washington Post notes that voters turn out in far fewer numbers for midterm elections than for presidential elections, but Fortune predicts a 50 year high for 2018 midterms based on a combination of participation in special elections, primaries, early voting, and overall interest in the election.

Many early voters proudly showed off the stickers they received at polling places:

Even Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg voted early!

Find early voting near you at’s Early Voting Calendar.  If you missed early voting, will help you find your polling place.