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Tennessee midterm elections

Posted by James Zhang

November 6 was Election Day. People in the state of Tennessee came out and voted for their desired governmental officials and representatives. Republican Marsha Blackburn won Tennessee’s US Senate race, and Republican Bill Lee was elected as governor of the state. The following section provides an analysis of what the public has been saying with regard to the midterm election in Tennessee across the entire nation.

Over the past 24 hours, the volume of social media posts reached to its peak around 9 p.m. during the night on November 6, when election ended just an hour.

The majority of social media conversation regarding the midterm election in Tennessee over the past 24 hours expresses positive sentiment. Social media posts with positive sentiments are usually associated with the words such as “economy” and “healthcare.”

Over the past of 24 hours, the social media conversation has been focusing on several key issues. The top mentioned issue is economy. Meanwhile, people also discussed healthcare and immigration.

Specifically, it is very interesting to see that some on social media tended to associate economy with pop star Taylor Swift in their social media posts. Meanwhile, by comparing employment rate during Obama’s presidency to the current economic situation, some online social media users expressed their supportive tone of the GOP’s economic plan.

With regard to the issue of immigration, the GOP’s hardline stance was discussed over social media as well. One particular social media post mentioned the immigration board’s rejection of an appeal from a Memphis based, Spanish-language news outlet reporter who was arrested during a demonstration in Tennessee.