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NASA Insight Mars Landing

Posted by James Zhang.

On November 26, 2018 at 2:52:59 p.m. (ET), NASA spacecraft Insight successfully landed on Mars. As a significant technological as well as scientific success, the public in the United States are passionate about this safe landing. Their curiosity into NASA’s new scientific exploratory journey on Mars is well-reflected through social media.

In past three days (11/25-11/28), the overall volume of the social media conversation with regard to Insight landing on Mars is 352,000 posts. Most of them are from Twitter. On November 26, when the news about the spacecraft’s success landing came out, the social media conversation reached out to a peak. It generated overall more than 200,000 posts across different social media platforms.

On social media, specifically Twitter, people use hashtag “#marslanding” to facilitate conversation. With that particular hashtag imbedded in their tweets, the public was curious about the picture of the Mars’ surface taken by spacecraft Insight. Meanwhile, the public felt excited because this is eighth NASA’s mission led to another successful touchdown on Mars. Words such as “landing,” “landed,” “beauty,” “earth,” and “home” were frequently mentioned in social media conversation. Interestingly speaking, there was quite a lot number of individuals retweeted a message from NASA Insight Spacecraft’s official Twitter account that called Mars its new home.

The overall sentiment over the course of past three days regarding NASA Insight’s landing has been overwhelmingly positive, given a fact that the event is highly spectacular and is very significant in terms of scientific exploration of space.