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#BirdBoxChallenge latest among growing trend of terrible memes

Posted by Brandon Boatwright

The movie Bird Box was released on Netflix on December 13. You may have seen it with your own eyes (pun intended).  The post-apocalyptic film stars Sandra Bullock (as Malorie) as she navigates a world blindfolded so as to avoid seeing mysterious creatures that somehow drive people to commit mass suicide.

Regardless of whether or not you’ve actually seen the movie, you may have noticed a growing trend on social media to participate in the #BirdBoxChallenge. Essentially, the Bird Box Challenge entails (1) doing mundane, everyday tasks blindfolded, (2) videotaping what happens, and (3) posting to social media. It’s as odd as it sounds.

Many are comparing the #BirdBoxChallenge to the #TidePodChallenge in which people literally bit into a plastic bubble containing laundry detergent.

The Internet is a strange place.

Nevertheless, the #BirdBoxChallenge was first mentioned on December 17, but only picked up steam beginning on January 2 when more than 23,000 users tweeted or retweeted people participating in the challenge.

Some participating in the challenge were sent to the hospital, and one Utah teenager got into a car accident attempting to drive – you guessed it – blindfolded. YouTube even announced today that it will be banning videos of the #BirdBoxChallenge as a way to curtail this and future viral pranks. Thankfully, it appears as though the #BirdBoxChallenge is on its way out.

Looks like 2019 is going to be a strong year for social media.