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Have you given a compliment today?

Posted by Brandy Mmbaga

Have you told someone how awesome they are today? Well, you have to – that’s the point of National Compliment Day! I know what you are thinking… “Wow, is that today?!” It absolutely is! A compliment is “a polite expression of admiration or praise.” So, letting someone know they have a great work ethic and a smile that is bomb-dot-com is on our agenda today.

This holiday may not be well known, but it is legit. In 1988, two women from New Hampshire, Kathy Chamberlin, and Debby Hoffyman, formulated this day as National Compliment Day to demonstrate the benefits of giving compliments. Even in the Psychology discipline, research has supported the positive effects of compliments. Not only do they allow you to interact with other people, but compliments also create positive environments, motivates people and it spreads happiness.

Too scared to verbally give the compliment? Try writing it in note format or sending it as a message on social media. It is believed that if a person hears at eight compliments in a day, he or she is likely to have a boost in their self-confidence. With today’s environment, a little love and a compliment is exactly what we need and can surely go a long way!

So, find something to compliment and let it rip! I see people compliment all of the time; for their taste in fashion, their cool personality, an impressive action or accomplishment, or just for being authentically them. Or, call your mom or dad and tell them how wonderful they are. Don’t be shy. Give complimenting a try!