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Venezuelan Presidential Crisis

Posted by Cassandra Huang

During the past several days, lots of things happen in the US and all over the world. Despite the government reopening on Monday, the other news that keeps attracting people’s attention is the Presidential Crisis in Venezuela since January 10th. The current president is Nicolás Maduro who won the election on May 2018. However, there is a dispute about the process and result. A young politician, Juan Guaidó, self-claimed himself as the acting president on January 23rd. This unstable political situation not only raises a series of protest in Venezuela but also raise tense atmosphere among leaders in different countries. For example, President Trump supports Juan Guaidó while the Chinese Government stands for Nicolás Maduro and denies the power of Guaidó’s acting government.
As we get closer into people’s posts on Twitter, there is a 64.1% of comments were negative about how White House is imposing control on Venezuelan government.

For example, some people think the harsh sanctions is crushing Venezuela’s economy.

We can see from the top word cloud that many posts on Twitter are related to sanctions, and most comments are negative.

To keep tracking news related to Venezuelan Presidential Crisis, you may want to follow several main influencers on Twitter, including ABC News, Breaking News, and CNN news.