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Super Bowl Commercials

Posted by James Zhang

The Super Bowl final is on Sunday. Fans of football have already been crazy about it. In addition to sports itself, people across the nation are also passionate about another significant element of spectacular Super Bowl event: commercials. Here are what people say on social media regarding the Super Bowl Commercials.
Over the past week, the volume of social media conversation regarding the Super Bowl Commercials circulated on different social media platform is 2,900. The most influential actors who drive the online discussions are news media such as CBS News, Good Morning America, AP, Hollywood reporter and football team such as the New England Patriots.

Overall, the public online has expressed their positive sentiments towards Super Bowl commercials. Most tweets with positive sentiments are associated with hashtag #Super Bowl Commercial. The hashtag has been linked with different commercial ads. In addition, some social media online users were curious about what brands will advertise during Super Bowl final. One user posted a list of all Super Bowl Commercials. One tweet mentioned a Super Bowl Commercial features Toni Harris, who is one of the first women to play college football. This tweet has been retweeted by a lot of Twitter users.

The finale of Super Bowl will be on this Sunday. Apart from the game itself, Super Bowl TV commercial for sure is another big part that entertains the audiences on Sunday.