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Winter Storm

Posted by Cassandra Huang

It’s getting warmer this week. However, everyone must still remember that we had our first snow in 2019 at Knoxville last week. The storm made UT campus a beautiful white iced world. However, at the meanwhile, lots of states are suffering for the severe snowstorms this winter. As we can see in the word cloud, people mentioned “snow” and “cold” a lot in their posts.

Especially in the Midwest, the cold weather has made the Lake of Michigan frozen and looked like the scene in the movie “The day after tomorrow.”

Also, it’s interesting to find that there is a “half and half” in the sentiment.

Some people feel unhappy about the cancelation of activities.

And some are worried about the road conditions due to ice and snow.

On the other hand, the cold weather makes some people (animals) happy. For example, tigers and bears seem to be pleased by snow.

Some organizations provide help with mental health for those who feel blue about the winter days.

Although we have good weather here in Knoxville, please keep an eye of the weather in the areas your lovers live and make sure all of us are warm and safe!