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Annual GRAMMY Awards

Posted by James Zhang
February 10, 2019, will be a big festival for all musicians across the nation. On this Sunday, the 61 st Annual GRAMMY Awards will take place at STAPLES Center, Los Angeles, California. This spectacular musical event will also be broadcast live on the CBS television network at 8 p.m. ET. Before we witness who will be winners on Sunday, it is interesting to take a look at what people in the U.S. have been saying about Sunday’s GRAMMY Awards on social media.
Over the past week, there are 5.5 thousand social media posts in total have mentioned the 2019 GRAMMY Award. The online conversation reached its spike on February 5, when online users started to chat about a K-Pop group, BTS’s debut at prestigious GRAMMY Awards.

The top influencer on social media who has been driving the online conversation regarding GRAMMY Awards in the past seven days is Rolling Stone, which is a very influential pop culture magazine in America.

Top words associated with GRAMMY Award social media posts are “Grammy,” “winning,” “winner,” “win,” and “iconic.” These words are also in concert with an overwhelmingly high percentage of positive emotions generated from online users toward this musical event.

People have paid their attention to different artists. For instance, one online user expressed his/her nostalgic sentiment by twitting about Roberta Cleopatra Flack, who was a prestigious African American solo artist won GRAMMY Award consecutively in both 1973 and 1974. Tweet like this adds a little bit fun to the online conversation, and in the meantime, it provides some insights about GRAMMY’s history. In addition, online users were excited about the first Korean artist attending to GRAMMY. This shows that as a distinguished award, GRAMMY appeals to popular musicians worldwide.

GRAMMY winner will be known to the world this Sunday night. We are looking forward to seeing who on earth will be the final winners.