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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Posted by Brandy Mmbaga

That’s right! It is the day of Love. Valentine’s day is celebrated every single year on February 14th. On this day, people typically purchase candy (mainly chocolates), flowers, cards, and stuffed animals for someone they love or may want to pursue a romantic relationship with. Restaurants are generally jammed pack with couples celebrating the day over dinner. More specifically, the top 5 items purchased on V-day is 1) a box of chocolates, 2) diamond earrings, 3) a dozen roses, 4) dinner for two and 5) a bottle of champagne.
Even in schools, parents buy boxes of cards and candy for the little ones to pass out to friends and sweet snacks such as cookies for their in-class Valentine’s Day party. Billions of dollars are made on this day. In fact, people spend $1.9 billion on flowers alone! This is just second to Mother’s Day which is the leading holiday for floral companies. In total, the National Retail Federation predicts $19.7 billion altogether.
Some other fun facts about #vday are that people within the age group of 25 to 34 celebrate the holiday more than any other group. Let’s not mis-paint the picture though. Every age group has pretty heavy involvement in the holiday. Previously known as St. Valentine’s Day, Pope Gelasius gets credit for officially naming the day. Valentine’s day was created by the Catholic church to distinguish themselves from the Roman Catholic church and their celebration of Lupercalia, which is a pagan fertility celebration that they would celebrate on February 15th.
However, you plan on celebrating it- single with friends, shooting your shoot on that one cutie, or celebrating with someone that you are in a loving relationship with- enjoy today and spread a little love. We wish you a #HappyValentinesDay !

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