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President’s Day

Posted by Cassandra Huang

Monday, February 18, is President’s Day in the US. Let’s get a look at what people talk about on this day.
As we can see in the word cloud, #PresidentsDay is a hot tag on Twitter. There are some interesting posts. For example, NASA has a photo of the Antares Rocket orbit over the Thomas Jefferson Memorial in honor of presidents.

Moreover, Encyclopaedia Britannica shares a quiz about US presidents.

You can check with this funny small quiz to test yourself at The Merriam Webster Dictionary also has a post encouraging people to say something on Twitter.

Also, the US Secret Service has a humor post about their jobs to protect presidents.

The sentiment of posts related to President’s Day is nearly half and half.


President Trump posts his positive statement on Twitter.

Some people share their opinions to support President Trump. While some post pictures to honor the former presidents. Want to know more about the President’s Day? Check the influencers on Twitter to grab instant news!