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Racist Snapchat Photograph Incident on Campus

Posted by Cassandra Huang
Last Thursday, students and faculty received an email from Interim Chancellor and Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Engagement about a racism incident. It was a photo on Snapchat that included black faces and a racist caption. Being an educated student at UT, we all know that our campus is zero tolerance of any kinds of racism.
During the past week, there are 15,000 posts on Twitter. According to the sentiment analysis from Social Studio, it is not surprised that up to 90% of tweets are negative. However, there are also some positive posts that are warm and supportive. For example, @ifwhenhow mentioned, students in Iowa are speaking out about racism: “People of color are not just expected to tolerate explicit racism, but to remain completely objective, calm, and neutral about it.”

In the word cloud, we can see that many tweets are about Snapchat. Given the feature of the message only existing for 24 hours, students may be less careful of what they post on it. We all need to remember that every post on social media has its digital footprint and will never permanently disappear. So always be circumspect and respectful when you write a post online.