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Facebook’s Privacy-focused Vision

Posted by James Zhang

March 6, Wednesday, Mark Zuckerberg, the chief executive of Facebook, announced in his blog post that his company Facebook would plan to embrace a “privacy-focused” vision that would guarantee the less disclosure of online users’ private information and encourage encrypted online conversation among different user groups. Concerning Mark’s plan, what the public has said on different social media platforms? Let us find out.
About Facebook’s change of its focus, the volume of social media posts across different online platforms reached 5,2000 posts over the past week. The online conversation reached out to its peak on Wednesday, when Facebook’s new plan was being announced. Twitter specifically, generated 3,000 posts on that day.
The top trending words related to Facebook’s new plan are “privacy-focused,” “vision,” “Zuckerberg,” “exposure,” costs,” and “scandal.” Online social media users are very concerned about Facebook’s privacy-focused new vision. On Twitter, for instance, some has directly re-tweeted news story pertain to Facebook’s new plan while others satirized the Facebook’s new vision by pointing out that the company itself had actually faced plenty of privacy issues in the past. One Tweet, specifically, from UNC information and library science Associate Professor Zeynep Tufekci, was retweeted by a lot of users. It certainly had an impact on Twittersphere regarding the topic of Facebook’s new vision.

In terms of top influencers who have been driving the online conversations on social media, traditional news organizations ABC, CNN, CNN breaking news are taking the lead. These three media outlets had both tweeted and followed up on Facebook’s new vision.

In terms of sentiment analysis, more than 56.7 percent of the online post have expressed negativity. According to social media conversation, the primary reason for this negativity is partly due to the previous Facebook privacy scandal, so the public still doubts how the company is going to properly handle the privacy issue in the future, even though they had announced a new plan.

Privacy is a big concern for all of us. As one of the largest social networking sites, how Facebook is going to implement its new vision concerning privacy will for sure be a focus of many online social media users in the near future.