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National Napping Day

Posted by Cassandra Huang
Today may be a blue Monday for many of us because we need to get up one hour earlier for the first Monday after the daylight saving time. If you are panic for the disappearing hour, we are glad to tell you that today is the National Napping Day, and you can nap as much as you want! (Just kidding! We are a group of hard-working people at the Adam Brown Social Media Command Center, and we will always ask people to work hard.
Lots of people are talking about National Napping Day and the daylight saving time. There are up to 159,000 posts on Twitter.

We would like to share you some funny ones. As you can see in the figure, many people are celebrating the National Napping Day on Twitter. And they post many cute photos of napping.

This day is one day after the daylight saving time. Earlier today, the President posted on Twitter that he would prefer to make the daylight saving time permanently. This statement raises some agreements, for example, those who hate to change clocks two times a year. And some people feel exciting if this endorsement comes true by kidding that President Trump will win if the Presidential Election is held today.

However, some people disagree with this idea because walking in the dark in early mornings may cause danger for people, especially school kids.
After reading these interesting posts, what’s your opinion about changing the time?