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It’s Pi Day

Posted by Brandy Mmbaga
Do you remember that one thing? The ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter that equals 3.14159265358979323846264…. but we call it 3.14 or Pi? Yeah, well, today is 3.14 and also what we refer to as Pi Day!
Pi Day is celebrated annually on March 14th as the numeric format of the date, 3.14, is the same as pi. Many restaurants that sell pies (pizza pies, dessert pies) take advantage of this play on words. Here are a couple of restaurants in the area that you can score big on today:
Bojangles – 3 sweet potato pies for $3.14.
Blaze Pizza- Download the app, order the pizza and get your pie for $3.14.
Cheddar’s – Buy one chicken pot pie and get one free.
Magpies Bakery – Get a slice of pie for 3.14.
Whole Foods- Get $3.14 off of a pie from their bakery.
Kroger – Get a pie from the bakery for 3.14.
Jet’s Pizza – Buy a large pie at regular price, get a medium one topping for $3.14.
Buttermilk Pie in the Sky- Discounts on their pie, plus a pie giveaway!
On another random note, did you know that today was Albert Einstein’s birthday and that the great Galileo (an excellent astronomer) died on this exact day? Not getting all philosophical on you, we’re just saying- its quite cool!