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Fire at Notre Dame

Posted by Cassandra Huang
It has been a week that Notre Dame Catholic Cathedral caught fire since evening April 15. This incident was huge sad news to the whole world. Notre Dame is not only an important symbol in terms of religious functions, but it is also a treasure in human’s history.
We use Social Studio to track how American and French people discussed this news in the past week on Twitter. There were four million tweets, and the majority of tweets were from the US, while 20% were from France.

We can see the peak of volume on Tweeter was not surprisingly on April 15, and there were 1,517,391 tweets. However, it is interesting to see that the positive and negative sentiment was half and half. We sorted the positive comments by the influencer score and found the top 3 posts were from CNN, TIME and ABS News. CNN shared the aerial photos of the damage scale; TIME honored the firefighters in Paris; ABC news shared the Easter gathering and praying at another church.

Although the fire caused a massive loss for human, we believe this beloved monument will be reconstructed most painstakingly, and let’s look forward to its revival in the future!