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World Book Day

Posted by Cassandra Huang
Monday, April 23 is the World Book Day. What is this day for? According to the webpage of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), “23 April was first proclaimed as World Book and Copyright Day by UNESCO in 1995. A growing number of partners celebrates the Day and since its launch has shown itself to be a great opportunity for reflection and information on a significant theme.”
From April 23 to April 24, there were 4,300 posts on Tweeter in the US. It is funny to see the peak was at 2 pm on April 23. Maybe people feel more relax during the afternoon tea time and are more willing to share their experiences with books.

When we look at the word cloud made by the Social Studio, it is interesting that many people mentioned “Amazon” in their tweets. As we all know, Amazon has been one ofthe largest booksellers, and individuals can sell their books on Amazon as well. So when we get closer to see the posts, we can find some book promotion of sale information.

In terms of the sentiment analysis, it is not surprisingly a majority of posts is positive. However, we are still curious about how were those 6.9% negative posts. When we dig into the negative ones, we find that most of these posts are still positive, for example, one user mentioned that she lost all of her Harry Potter collection during the Hurricane Harvey, then she got a new set of Harry Potter series as a gift for her Birthday and the World Book Day. Why was this post categorized as a negative post? It may due to some negative words, such as “lost.” So next time when you use the Social Studio, be careful when examining the sentiment analysis result.