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#President Pelosi: What People Are Saying

The increasingly bitter feud between House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Donald Trump took a new turn this week after yet another conversation between Democratic and Republican leadership in Washington took a negative turn. Exiting the White House after tense discussions, Speaker Pelosi and allies announced that the president had a “meltdown” during the conversation which lead the Democrats to leave the meeting early. Soon thereafter, President Trump pushed back on Twitter arguing that it had been Pelosi who had the meltdown. As evidence, he had the White House release a photo of Pelosi standing up at a table of all men. The optics backfired, however, as Pelosi and others came to see the picture as being symbolic of not just the fight against Trump, but the fight for all women in politics and society.

Trump tweeted this White House photo showing Nancy Pelosi pointing at him saying "Nervous Nancy's unhinged meltdown!" as an insult to the Speaker. Pelosi later made the image her cover photo on Twitter.

The White House released this picture as evidence of a Pelosi “meltdown” but many did not interpret it that way. Source: CNN

What started the ruckus? Apparently it was Pelosi telling the president that “all roads lead to Putin” in discussions over the president’s recent decision to withdraw American troops from Syria, a move supported by the Kremlin. The ongoing debate over Syria is occurring against the backdrop of the House impeachment inquiry. With President Trump and to a lesser extent Vice President Pence caught up in an ever evolving scandal over the president’s decision to withhold foreign aid to the Ukraine unless it investigated his chief political opponent, Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, the country finds itself in a nearly unprecedented situation (Google: Carl Albert) where the presidency and vice presidency could be vacant. In this scenario, under current US law, the Speaker of the House would becoming Acting President until the January 20, 2021. How would people react to President Pelosi? There is a hashtag for that!


A search for #PresidentPelosi in Social Studio found that 99.9% of the nearly five thousand results were from Twitter – suggesting that the term is rising up from the grassroots rather than getting mentions in mainstream media. Getting deeper into the data by running a workbench analysis, we find that the dominant age group responsible for the Pelosi hashtag is not Millennials, but people age 55-64. The workbench analysis also shows that the clear majority of posters on the hashtag are women and that despite the hype surrounding the speaker, 55% of mentions are thought to have negative sentiments. These findings represent just a fraction of how the data can be mined in Social Studio. Whether you are interested in big events in sports, politics, pop culture, or even weather, the benchmark analysis features in Social Studio can provide valuable insights into news coverage of any topic. Contact the Adam Brown Social Media Command Center to arrange a tutorial soon.




Social Studio’s Workbench features allow for deeper analysis of media coverage. Source: Social Studio