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Social Studio in 2020: Showcasing What We’ve Showcased

2020 has gotten off to a rocking start! It’s hard for many to believe it is already March. Here in Social Studio, our staff has been busy bringing you insights into some of the biggest topics of the year including events from politics, entertainment, science, and popular culture. Here we spotlight a few of the posts that have come out in the past few months:

  • Dolly Parton Film Generating Buzz – Just this week, Social Studio talked about how a new documentary by UT’s very own Land Grant Films highlights Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. The film is premiering in April, but is already making a buzz on social media.
  • Spreading Kindness on Twitter – Is it possible? Our post suggests that it is and that people are already doing it!
  • Super Bowl Brands – Which brands got their money worth from investing in a Super Bowl ad and which brands did not? This post discusses how social media is useful for answering this question.
  • #HairLove: A Short Story – Looks at how a short film on an African American father learning to help his daughter with styling her hair and what it means for our times and culture.
  • Family Values, but not for “Modern Family”?: This post examines how recent Republican-led legislation in Tennessee weaponizes tax dollars against LGBT people wishing to adopt.


These are a small subset of the dozens of posts that have gone live since January 1st. Each article uses Social Studio, but each article goes about using this tool in its own way to see how many people are tweeting on a topic, to get a sample of all media attention to a particular topic, or to show the different filters that Social Studio has to give you the media angle most helpful for your project.

If you haven’t checked out Social Studio yet, feel free to come by for more information. Screens outside the Adam Brown Social Media Command Center (CCI 460) show when staff are working in the center. Feel free to check out those available time slots and drop on it! There is someone who would be happy to discuss the Center with you and share how it is helpful for you whether you are a teacher, researcher, student, etc. We hope to see you soon!