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Reaction To Trump Victory Declaration

At 2:22 a.m. eastern, in the wee hours of Nov. 4, a U.S. Presidential candidate declared himself the winner. President Donald Trump spoke in front of supporters at The White House and gave, in essence, a victory speech.

Though Trump can still win the election, the declaration was a bit premature. As of 2:30 p.m. ET, eight states had yet to be declared (Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona, Wisconsin, Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina, and Alaska). And the vote tallies, largely with razor thin margins, might not be fully tallied for days or weeks.

The declaration by Trump drew plenty of response, but just what kind of response? We enlisted the help of Social Studio, in the Adam Brown Social Media Command Center to get an idea of the online conversation.

The search terms “trump” and “win,” “trump” and “declare,” and “trump” and “victory.” While this is not an exhaustive list, this provides a good snapshot of some of the terminology used in association with Trump’s speech and tweet, shown below:

An examination of the results from Social Studio over the past 24 hours yielded 2.3 million posts. And the following word cloud illustrates some of the terminology associated with this search.

Interestingly, the age group tweeting most in this search is the 25-34 age group. And within that group, it’s been mostly male. But overall, there are more female posters within this search. The most female posters belong to the 45-54 age group.

These numbers show the variety of those involved in this discussion, that it spans gender and age groups.

The nation waits. And as we all wait on the results of the general election, follow along with us on Twitter, at @UTCCISMCC.