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Rook No Further, You Next Netflix Binge Could Be Start with One of the World’s Oldest Games

In the midst of all this election craziness, there is a Netflix miniseries that has been holding the number 1 spot in the U.S. called “The Queen’s Gambit”. This is a miniseries that follows the rise to fame of an orphan, Beth Harmon who learns the game of chess while in an orphanage and gains the title of a chess prodigy after only a short time of playing the game. With the popularity of the show, comes a skyrocketing increase in chatter surrounding chess. I must admit too, I’ve watched the show and am ready to learn how to castle again! I’ve also checked and yep, UTK has a chess club!

Before we use the Adam Brown Command Center’s Social Studio to check on current sentiment towards chess, let’s take a step back and see why chess is considered to be cool again. Since the release of the miniseries on Netflix in late October, mobile chess games are appearing at the top of app store search results, and as a grouping, have increased their average daily downloads 63% in the United States and 11% worldwide.

Using Salesforce’s Social Studio, we see an incredible increase in both the conversation surrounding chess as well as an increase in sentiment towards chess among all of the election craziness. We also see increases in chess chatter across several social media channels including Twitter and YouTube and overall positive sentiment towards both the game of chess and the show in general.

From a social media perspective, the success of The Queen’s Gambit is amazing. Since its release October 23, it has skyrocketed in popularity as reflected by increased chatter and positive sentiment towards chess. The following charts generated from the Adam Brown’s Command Center software show the 7-day trends for chess, where the chatter is coming from, and the word cloud associated with chess and The Queen’s Gambit.

With all this chess talk, it might be time for me to dust off my old chessboard (or download a chess app) and find a friend to play chess with! And of course, UTK has a great chess club.