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Spider Man Swings to the top of Social Media Conversation

By: Alex Carter


If you have even a passing interest in Disney, Marvel, or really any aspect of the entertainment industry, you probably saw that the Spider Man No Way Home trailer finally dropped on Monday! Personally, Spidey holds 2 of the top 3 spots in my favorite Super Heroes list (Peter Parker, Miles Morales, and Batman) so you better believe I was excited!

I was not the only one, either! The trailer is already the most-watched in cinema history, and this shows on social media with already over 3 million Tweets mentioning everyone’s favorite web-slinger.

Things were not completely stellar for Disney though, early in the day on Monday, the trailer leaked online, causing a small bump in conversation outside of Disney’s control, but this was only a tiny molehill compared to the mountain that is the social volume when it was officially released.

The trailer has been widely applauded and discussed, with an over 81% positive sentiment score. As high as the sentiment was for the trailer, Disney should take note that conversation around the trailer leaking was a fair bit more negative, though still mostly positive overall.

Another happy note for Disney is how popular the Spider Man conversation has been globally, especially in Spanish-speaking countries, a testament to the global reach of The Mouse.

Personally, I am most excited for the reappearance of one of my favorite all-time villains, Doctor Otto Octavius, who made an appearance in the trailer (I may have woke up my wife when I was cheering).

I usually do not watch trailers since I am so scared of spoilers, but as a ride-or-die Spider Man fan, I had to check it out, and my hype levels are off the charts, and based on the social data, I am certainly not the only one!