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US Open 2021: Ready to watch? “YES, I AM”

By: Kibum Youn


If you like tennis, you are familiar with a series of North American professional tennis tournaments and Grand Slam, such as the US Open. On August, 25th, The Williams sisters have announced they won’t participate in the US Open this year along with icons Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. Through the tools of the Adam Brown Social Media Command Center, I analyzed Twitter trends and confirmed the social volume has tremendously increased compared to the past few days, especially in the United States (increased 205%).

More interestingly, after this announcement, the overall sentiment score for the US open 2021 also negatively changed from the 81% positive score to 52.8 % positive score.

The next day, on August 26th, the draws of US Open 2021 were finally released. Although we cannot see some famous stars like Federer, Nadal, and Williams’s sisters this year, many other stars are still waiting for their fantastic matches in the US Open 2021. It is probably one of the reasons to positively turn audiences’ mood back again.

Now, it is getting close to the first round in the US Open 2021 (on August 30th) one of the biggest events in the tennis world. I am definitely ready to watch! How about you???