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Upcoming events: Will you take a Booster shot?

By: Kibum Youn


Recently, U.S. health officials announced the plan to begin offering COVID-19 booster shots on September, 20th. The announcement said that recipients of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine can get a booster shot 8 months from the date that they received their second dose. After this announcement, Johnson & Johnson also asserted that it had evidence that the recipients of the Johnson & Johnson Jannsen vaccine can get their booster shot on August, 25th. However, it is still controversial I’m some circles about whether the booster shot is necessary because there is not clear enough to prove the effectiveness. With groups urging caution until we learn what the long-term effects are.

Through the tools of the Adam Brown Social Media Command Center, I can see that there was a lot of chatter concerning these issues. I also confirmed the social volume on Twitter has firmly increased starting on the 18th of August and again on the 25th of August after the announcement was released.

I also analyzed the age range on the social volume on Twitter as seen below:

Surprisingly, the two youngest groups (e.g., 18-20 and 21-24) showed the lowest social volume compared to other age groups. Of course, it is difficult to make a quick inference that the two youngest groups are less interested in the booster shot than other age groups. However, we still need to think about what this result means and why it happened.

Now, regardless of your stance on taking booster shots, we all know that vaccine is really important for ourselves and around us to protect from a fatal disease by this tedious virus. To see a better future and to go back to a normal life like before the pandemic, let’s pay a little more attention to the latest information about it. Plus, don’t forget to keep wearing a mask!!