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2022 Social Media Summary of Tennessee Fans

We all know it’s great to be a Tennessee Vol. But did you know how great it is to be a Tennessee Vol on social media? With wins over Florida, Alabama, Kentucky, and a double Gameday visit, the football team went 10-2 this season and ended the year ranked 6th in the AP poll. Our football team generates the most engagement on social media, and our fans have a reputation for being dominant on social media, even in years when the team wasn’t dominant on the field.


With the Orange Bowl game against Clemson coming up on Dec 30th, we thought we would look back at some interesting Twitter numbers from the fall season.

Using “GoVols” as the search hashtag, and Aug 1 to Dec 1 as the search timeline, Vol fans reached more than 280 MILLION people!

Also, the don’t let that sentiment analysis fool you—the algorithm isn’t perfect, so most of the tweets it coded as “negative” probably said something like “WE MURDERED KENTUCKY!” or “I would hate to be a Florida fan right now.” Tweets like that technically do have “negative” words, but the sentiment is obviously very pro-Tennessee.


Also worth noting that these tweets came mostly from Tennessee (obviously), but there are VOLS4LIFE in other states as well. I expected other SEC states, but Texas and California being the third and fourth most tweeted from states was a surprise:

Aside from the Team’s official football account, which accounts reach the most people using “GoVols”?

  1. Dave Portnoy (president of Barstool Sports) reached 6.5 million people.
  2. Alvin Kamara (UT alum and NFL superstar) reached 3.4 million people.
  3. Smokey (our own goodest of the good boys) reached 2.9 million people.


Here you can see the volume of overall tweets:

What happened during the week of Oct 10? Oh yeah, the Alabama game... Lets watch the highlights again just to get all the good feels back. Afterwards, naturally, our fans stormed the field and dragged the goalposts to the river. Don’t worry, someone updated google maps…

…and even created a twitter account for the infamous goalpost itself.

But did all these shenanigans show up on twitter? of course they did. Here is the topical breakdown of “GoVols” tweets from kickoff till the end of the weekend:

Do you see any of your tweets in there? How much did you contribute to VolTwitter in 2022? Did we miss anything?


(These results are nuts, and remember, they are only for ONE hashtag. Imagine if we also did this analysis for “gbo,” “vfl,” etc.)