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Super Bowl Social Media Round Up

It’s a great day to be a Chiefs fan #Kansascitychiefs #ChiefsKingdom #JacksonMahomesTikTok (sorry Philly).

The most anticipated event in American sports aired Sunday night. This year’s Super Bowl included a RiRi halftime show, a Tubi commercial that briefly ruined relationships, a close fourth quarter, and 113 million viewers who all contributed to making it a night to remember.

While we at the ABSMCC love talking football, we love talking stats even more. Patrick Mahomes going 20-of-26 for 182 yards and three touchdowns was certainly an impressive feat, but that holding call …anyway, we won’t continue to throw salt into the Eagle’s wounds.

The REAL stats here are the social media analytics, of course!

So let’s break down some of the most interesting social media statistics from Super Bowl LVII:


1. Fenty Beauty is the real winner…

 While Rihanna’s half time show was one of the most anticipated events in all of pop culture, it was her clever product placement that won over fans and caused a spike in #FentyBeauty mentions. The icon’s makeup brand reached a whopping 932.94 million feeds following her halftime show where she incorporated a quick powder touch-up mid performance.


2. Who touched the remote?

Tubi wins the award for best… prank?

The streaming service fooled viewers with an advertisement that appeared to change the channel mid-game causing an uproar on social media. The ad had over 100,000 people talking online and the conversation reached over 490 million feeds.

The ad is posted below to jog your memory in case you missed it.

Let us know your thoughts, was this is a hit or a miss?


3. The Kelce family dynasty

The Kelce brother’s sibling rivalry also made waves on social media the night of the Super Bowl. Travis Kelce, a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs and his older brother Jason Kelce, an offensive center for the Philadelphia Eagles left it all on the field as their teams battled it out for family bragging rights.

Their mom, Donna Kelce, won best dressed in her custom-made Chiefs/Eagles split jacket:

Travis’ sweet throw back tweet made us love this tight knit family even more.

Momma Kelce’s motherly support was palpable as she comforted Jason post-game. This made us all crave a big hug.

Overall, the Kelce family reached an impressive 4.32 billion feeds with mentions peaking on game night at 165,638.


4. Poor Jackson Mahomes just can’t get it right…

Patrick Mahomes’ younger brother has left fans raging once again thanks to another one of his classic TikTok dances. Jackson Mahomes was caught in 4K trying to steal the spotlight while older brother Patrick was participating in a post-game interview.

“Clown”, “annoying”, and “dude why” were among the top themes of discussion surrounding the quarterback’s viral younger brother. @JacksonMahomes has reached 3.73 million feeds following the Super Bowl and his net sentiment score  suggests football fans were mostly unhappy with his actions post-game (72.65% negative mentions).

Check out the TikTok below and let us know your thoughts on the situation. Are you #TeamJackson or are his actions #corny?

Personally, I can’t blame him, I’d probably be filming Toks on the field post-game too if my brother was a QB on potential #GOAT trajectory.

5. Top Hashtags

To sum up our review of football’s biggest night we have created a compilation of the most popular hashtags and themes of discussion on social media.

What was your favorite conversation from Super Bowl LVII? We want to know your thoughts on these trending topics.