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Student Access Agreement


This form should be completed to gain access to Salesforce Social studio. As of August 2016, undergraduate and graduate students majoring in COMM, JEM, CS, IS, AD or PR and faculty/staff working in the University of Tennessee College of Communication & Information have FREE access to Social Studio. This access is for research and learning opportunities online.

By completing this form you agree to the following terms:

1. I understand that my access to Social Studio is dependent on my affiliation with the College of Communication and Information at UT.

2. I am currently a(n) undergraduate or graduate student majoring in COMM, JEM, CS, IS, AD or PR or a faculty/staff member working int he University of Tennessee College of Communication and Information.

3. I acknowledge that my use of Social Studio will be for CCI research/learning purposes only.

4. I understand that collecting data for classes outside of CCI and using Social Studio for work with clients or businesses outside of the classroom scope is strictly prohibited (i.e., you cannot use Social Studio for internship work).

5. I understand that my log in privilege to Social Studio can be revoked at any time if I use Social Studio outside the scope of what's listed above.

  • *Make sure this field is correct; a copy of the submission will be sent to your instructor.
  • Please answer using the following format: PBRL 320, Fall 2019