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Sprinklr has arrived at UTK…

Supporting some of the world’s most trusted brands like Microsoft, Comcast, and Capital One, Sprinklr is the industry standard for social analytics and brand listening. Sprinklr uses powerful AI technology to scan digital sources (e.g. blogs, news, forums, reviews) for query, opening doors for deep insight and research opportunities. The platform has access to all mainstream social networking sites including: Twitter (full access), Reddit (full access), YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, and Tik Tok. Additionally They provide access to other online platforms like Forums, Disqus, RSS Feeds, Popular Press News Sources, Quora, Web Articles, WordPress, Brand Reviews, Blogs/Websites, etc. 

Sprinklr’s search features allow the ABSMCC access to over 350 million online data sources. Sprinklr allows UT faculty, students, and staff with an exciting opportunity to examine both direct engagement with—and indirect conversations about—any brand, organization, topic, or event of interest. We can analyze these conversations to better understand key topics, what outside influences are inspiring those conversations, and what characteristics lead to higher levels of audience engagement. 

Sprinklr conducts various analyses, including the volume of posts, sentiment analysis, emotion, topics of brand conversations, audience affinities, geographic analyses, and more. Historical search features and trends forecasting enables Sprinklr users to gain meaningful insight, and hands-on experience in the world of social media management, Brand Management, Public Relations, Advertising, and so much more.